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Please remember that these guidelines are fluid and may need to be updated as

CDC guidelines and/or governing rules change or other important reasons that we may deem necessary.

We will always put the safety of our dance family FIRST!

 Check your email prior to your class for any important updates.

ALL students, parents/guardians and CSOD staff (regardless of vaccination status) must wear a mask during drop off and pick up.

Students and instructors will be required to wear a mask during class (we will be closely monitoring the students while they are dancing in their masks and take breaks if and when needed.)


  • Parents/guardians will not be allowed inside the studio/waiting area as we are limiting the number of people in

the building at any one time.

  • Students should be brought to the front studio door no more than 5 minutes prior to their class and no later than

5 minutes after class time is set to start (please be sure to have the student’s “dancer tag” with you).

  • Please follow social distance guidelines outside while waiting for the student’s admittance into the building.

  • The students, one at a time, will go to our sanitation station and sanitize their hands. They will then proceed to their own specific socially

distanced spots. Students may not linger in the waiting room.

Students should arrive in their dance attire, mask and street shoes. There will be no changing of clothes allowed once

in the studio. At this time, we are unable to help dancers with their shoes, hair, accessories, bathroom breaks, etc. so

please be sure that they are self-sufficient with all of this before returning to in-person classes. If possible, please use

bathroom at home before coming to the studio. Of course, we understand if the need arises to use the bathroom

while at the studio and it will be open. It is just easier all the way around if it can be avoided.

 Students should limit what they bring to class to dance shoes for that day and a water bottle. (A turned off cell phone

will be allowed if necessary and any extras* when required). The dancer will enter the dance space and be directed to

a “my stuff” spot. They will leave their minimal belongings on that spot. They will then continue to their “dance spot”

once advised by their instructor all while maintaining social distancing. At the end of class, they will stay on their “my

stuff” spot until they are called to exit out the side door.


 *We will keep you up to date through the BAND app on days that we will require the student to bring anything extra such as a yoga mat, props, workout bands or anything else “extra”. We will give you plenty of time to acquire these extra items before we ask you to bring them.


ALL students will need to wear shoes and tights AT ALL times. Lyrical and Acro students, please wear jazz shoes

(preferred) or ballet slippers. Half-sole shoes and bare feet are not allowed at this time.


  •  Students will sanitize their hands before departure.

  •  Parents/guardians should arrive 5 minutes before class end time with your dancer’s tag (if the student is under 10 years old).

  •  Students will be dismissed out of the side door one at a time in the order in which the parents/guardians are lined

up outside with their dancer’s tag in view.


Please be prompt as these procedures depend highly on your cooperation to flow smoothly.

We thank you in advance.


  • Students, instructors and staff must self-quarantine if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with

someone who has COVID-19 or have travelled outside of the state in the past 14 days.

  • We deem the right to cancel any classes or go full virtual if we feel there is a danger of COVID-19.

  • Important announcements may be made on a moment’s notice so please check emails before heading to studio.  

  • Have fun, learn and grow! Even though this bullet point is last on the list, it is certainly not least. In fact, it is

always our guiding force!

Thank you so much!