Beginning Ballet

and Ballet/Tap Combo

  • Pink leotard with a pink skirt attached

  • Pink tights

  • Pink leather ballet slippers

  • Optional: Pink ballet sweater

  • For Ballet/Tap students only:

       Tan U-shell taps

Ballet/Tap/Jazz- Junior 1

  • Black leotard with a black

       skirt attached

  • Pink tights

  • Pink leather ballet slippers

  • Optional: Black ballet sweater

  • Tan U-shell tap shoes

  • Tan jazz shoes

Ballet (Jr 2, Int, Sr) and Pointe

  • Plain leotard

       (^group color)

  • Pink tights

  • Pink ballet slippers 

       leather or canvas

  • Optional: Black ballet skirt/shorts

  • Optional: Black dance sweater

  • Instructor will give more info re: Pointe shoes

Tap/Jazz (Jr 2, Int, Sr)

  • Plain leotard

       (black or ^group color)

  • Tan, black or pink tights

  • Black dance shorts/pants

For Tap Only:

  • Jr 2: Black split sole

  • Int/Sr: Black hard sole tap oxford

For Jazz Only:

  • Tan Jazz shoes (tie or pull-on)

Adult Tap/Jazz

  • Comfortable 

       workout/dance clothes

  • Tap shoes (any color, recital color will be determined later)

  • Jazz shoes (any color, recital color will be determined later)

Lyrical and Modern

  • Plain leotard

       (black or ^group color)

  • Tan or pink tights

  • Tan jazz shoes or pink ballet slippers

  • Optional:

       Black dance shorts/pants/skirt

Musical Theater

  • Plain leotard

       (black or ^group color)

  • Tan, black or pink tights

  • Black dance shorts/pants

  • Jazz shoes (color TBD)

  • Character shoes may be needed



  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Black ankle-length pants

  • Thin socks (optional)

  • Black ballet slippers

  • Black tap oxfords

  • Black jazz shoes

Hip Hop

  • Plain colored leotard or comfortable full-length top

  • Tan, black or pink tights

       (girls only)

  • Socks (boys only)

  • Shorts/leggings/pants

       (no jeans)

  • Black hip hop sneakers


  • Plain colored leotard

       – no skirts attached please

  • Tan, black or pink tights

  • Optional: Black dance shorts

  • Jazz shoes or ballet slippers

^Group Color Information

Please note:  The following "group" color code will be required for all ballet/pointe students.  Group color or black will be allowed for all other classes in these levels.  


Jr 2 – Light Blue        Int – Lavender       Sr – Burgundy.


We are asking that the colored leotards are purchased

through us or our new online store so that the shades match.


Thank you so much.

All Students

  • Students are expected to follow the dress code each week.  (Please no t-shirts over dance wear).

  • Hair must be securely pulled back for every class.

  • We prefer ballet slippers without ties. If ties are present, please tuck them into the shoe.

  • Students must be able to put on their own shoes.

Please note: for all classes (except Hip Hop), all leotards, skirts, pants, capris, and shorts must be PLAIN with no additional colors, printing, graphics, etc. A small bow and/or a few rhinestones are fine.

ALSO: IT MAY BE NECESSARY FOR THE STUDENTS TO PURCHASE A DIFFERENT STYLE/COLOR OF SHOE FOR THE RECITAL. This would be an additional cost and not included in the recital costume fee.


Thank you!