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All students must register online at

The registration fee is $32/student, is non-refundable

and must be paid in full in order to hold a place for the student.

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis with a pre-registration period open first to our returning students only. After the pre-registration period, registration is open to all. 

Class sizes are limited for the in-person option so please don’t delay. Once a class reaches its capacity, you will have the option to be put on a waiting list. All class selections are subject to CSOD approval.


• The amounts listed below are per student per installment. There are 9 installments in the season which runs from September 11, 2023 through early/mid May 2024. Please note the discounted rates for additional classes for same student and/or immediate family members.

• Payment by installment is as follows: First & last installments are due up front by 9/15/23 (or at the time of registration if after 9/15/23). All remaining installments are due the first of each of the remaining months (Oct.-April). A late fee will be added after the 10th of the month.

Please note that all payments are static and do not reflect the number of classes in any one particular month. The rates are based on the total number of classes offered throughout the season and are divided into 9 equal installment payments. We do have several options for students for making up missed lessons.

Save 10% off your tuition for the season by paying in full by Sept. 30, 2023 - This discount is applicable on annual tuition payments received in full by 9/30/23. Sorry, no exceptions. If withdrawal should become necessary, tuition will revert back to the installment plan and any unused portion of your tuition payment will be refunded. Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing and received before the last day of the month of withdrawal. If notification is received the first of the month or later, that month’s installment will be charged.

*meets on a different schedule than regularly schedules classes

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