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The Junior B level is for dancers approximately 9-11 years of age with about 3-6 years of dance/movement experience* who have a solid knowledge of the basics and are ready to build upon that knowledge in studying advanced beginner to intermediate technique and choreography sequences.  Each student (regardless of age, intelligence, etc.) progresses at her/his own rate and even over the various disciplines offered may individually progress at different rates.  Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors do our best at placing each child where we feel she/he will thrive.  Many factors are taken into account and we are constantly observing and making sure each student is where she/he belongs.  It is always best to start each season where recommended by the instructors or if in doubt, starting in a lower level and moving up within the first few weeks/months if the instructor feels this is best.  

Junior B Classes





Acrobatics I or II

Hip Hop


*Students who are new to dance may still possibly be placed in a Jr, Int or Sr level class but may be required to take either additional classes of the same style (at no additional cost) and/or private lessons to help catch up on missed material. 

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