AGES 3-10


Ages:  3-5 yrs. 


Pre-Ballet is an introductory dance class for students aged 3-5 years old. Dancers will
discover new ways to move their bodies by combining ballet-based exercises with musical
rhythms and patterns in a creative and fun atmosphere. Along with movement, this class
introduces the dancer to ballet studio etiquette focusing on how to participate in a group
setting with class structure & discipline while developing self-confidence and making new

Beginning Ballet

Ages:  3-5 yrs. 


Beginning Ballet, for students aged 4-6 years old, will focus on introductory ballet
terminology & exercises through the use of engaging instruction, movement and music.
The student should have some experience with participation in a group setting which we will
build upon during our class time. Self-confidence & further independence will also be
developed – all while having a fantastic time exploring the wonderful world of ballet.

Ballet/Tap with Intro Jazz

Ages: 5-7 yrs.


Ballet/Tap with Intro Jazz is the perfect class for the 5-7 year old.  In this class, we will
further explore ballet technique/terminology which will help to develop muscular strength,
gross motor skills, balance and self-discipline.  For the tap portion, we will work on
beginning tap skills which promote strength in feet and legs, fine motor skills as well as a
raised understanding of music and rhythm. In addition to ballet and tap, we will also take a
little time to introduce beginning jazz dance exercises and movement. Jazz allows a little
more freedom of expression and is a fun and exciting way to move the body. All
3 styles require focus and concentration but with a different feel.  Ballet is graceful and
classic, tap is fine detail and rhythmical and jazz is spontaneous and upbeat.
 The combination together makes for a fantastic beginning journey in the wonderful world of
dance. The material will be presented in a fun, creative, learning environment.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo- Junior 1

Ages: 8-10 yrs.

The Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo class is a great way for the student to experience three
different dance genres in one class.  Ballet with its grace, strength, long lines and
discipline; Tap with its fine motor skills and attention to musicality; and Jazz with its flexibility
and freedom all come together in a fun, cohesive class while the dancers learn
to express themselves through a variety of movement.  Combo classes
mix variety, creativity, discipline, friendship and learning into one fun-filled lesson.

Acrobatics I


5 yrs. & Up

Acrobatics I is a beginning acrobatics class in which flexibility and tumbling skills are introduced in a fun, safe environment.  Each class will begin with conditioning and strenghthening, followed by a progressive building of tumbling skills from rolls to cartwheels, handstands, backbends, balance skills and more.  Students of all ages progress at individual rates and as the students progress, they will be introduced to higher level skills under the guidance of our trained instructors.

Children love to tumble and do tricks and in this class, they are guided and learn the safe and proper technique in doing so while having a blast and making lasting friendships.  

Hip Hop 


6 yrs. & Up

Hip Hop is a high energy class that includes a warm up, isolations, rhythm, free-styling, and funky foot work!  This class is about personal style and expression and is great for the student who just "has to move" when they hear that beat!! Students let their passion soar when they join in on the fun of Hip Hop! This section is for Ages 6 years and up and will include more extensive break downs and understanding of the basics as well as building upon them as the season progresses.